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Sonia Carr is a creator, director and EP based in New York and originally from Texas.  She is the founder and CEO of The Girl Behind The Curtain Productions, writing, pitching and selling all original works for stage, television, film and music. 

| TV |


After recently joining forces with agent and manager, Michael Naso who runs The Naso Group (the former William Morris Agent and entertainment lawyer) seems that 2022 will be the year of pitching! Her first television show, "RECORDING SESSIONS," is currently in pitch to networks in the music reality genre and has garnered  interest along the way from top music industry pros the likes of Wyclef, Mathew Knowles, Tony Bongiovi and more...and in addition, Sonia has been courting and procuring a budding partnership with the epic Power Station Music Studios in New York City, a place where legends like Bruce, Bowie, Madonna and Lennon all cut their hits back in the day, making the studio the ultimate back-drop and sound-stage to bring to life these music sessions and stories for truly great reality TV.



Next, Sonia's first full length Broadway show, "I NEEDED COLOR," is set for pitch in the first quarter of 2022 going out to Jim Carrey and his production company, Some Kind of Garden Media, alongside his long-time partner and Senior Advisor John Raatz, in addition to 2 top Broadway Producer/Investors. This truly unique, original live show, dreamed up and molded by Sonia Carr, is a production that has never been done before on Broadway and will have New York buzzing.


Now a Murder Mystery?! ...well ya don't say!

Sonia and her partner, Hal Galardi, wrote, developed and produced an original Off-Broadway Murder Mystery Musical, "TRUFFLES MYSTERY," that ran from 2014-2020, up until, unfortunately, the shut down from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Truffles Mystery hosted over 10,000+ guests in attendance, including shows for the teams of Twitter, Mercedes Benz, Tiffany & Co and many more top companies and brands. In addition- the show's success led to a partnership with Urbani Truffles, the largest and most prestigious truffle brand in the world, who was also featured on 60 Minutes. After a request to appear on "The Chew" fell through (because of timing of the show opening,) other TV appearances on NBC's "NY Live" & "Pix 11" came through, and Truffles even had the pleasure of hosting Randy Jones from The Village People as a guest star!  Since then, the show's concept and brand have been refocused towards the completion of a full Film Script, an "At- Home" Immersive Board Game, and a licensing deal to get Truffles Mystery to other countries around the world.

| ...AND MORE |

Sonia has an eye and an ear for hand-picking transcendent talent, and many of her actors and artists have gone on to garner hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and Youtube, land Broadway and touring stage roles and modeling contracts, and have been cast on television shows, commercials and even a spot on American Idol. She can take a production from inception to fruition, bring it in under budget and better than imagined, and her roster of artists and actors proves the raw potential of GBTC Productions and the longevity to come.

GBTC and team have multiple original works currently in development for television, film, stage and music, and the sky is not even the limit for 2022 and beyond.


To view our password protected pitch reels, please see the CONTACT page for Michael Naso (Manager & Agent) as well as for any further information on show decks, treatments, investors and all show details.

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